Zombie Survival In House

dt4Depending on the nature of the zombie outbreak, the best place to shelter may be in your own home.

With a little prep you home is already well stocked for your needs, medicine, what you eat, wear, etc. Examine your house with an eye for what you would need to do to secure it from zombies and looters until the first wave has passed.

When the water and power go out, you might as well be living in the 18th century. Here are some suggestions to make life bearable.

Many people do not have a concrete plan for what they would do in a disaster. While this will most likely not affect them at all, it could be seriously dangerous should disaster ever strike. Being prepared for an emergency is part of being an adult, and there are several steps that anyone can take in order to be better equipped.

Lists of emergency supplies that everyone should have on hand are readily available from organizations such as the Red Cross as well as online. Water is a major issue, with storage recommendations often exceeding the amount that people are able to keep around. For this reason, it is essential that some form of water purification be kept with other emergency supplies such as a UV sterilizer, purification pump or iodine tablets.

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One thing that some people do is store their camping gear with their emergency supplies. This way, things that are potentially useful in an emergency, such as camp stoves, are positioned with the rest of the supplies. Storing dehydrated food, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear in the same place as emergency supplies means that these items can serve double duty.

Some things that are not strictly necessary during an emergency are still nice to have. Camp stoves offer the option of warm food during an emergency where there is no power, as well as a way to boil water, thus purifying it. Because they can sometimes be bulky and storing large amounts of fuel is generally impossible, they seldom make the list of essential emergency gear. However, storing the camp stove along with other outdoor gear near the emergency supplies can be a good idea.

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When putting together an emergency supplies kit, many people forget pet supplies. Most dogs and cats will eat human food if necessary, but it is important that any medications necessary for them are included, as well as a share of the water purification equipment. Homes with pets on special diets should store some in the emergency supplies as well. Never allow your pets to eat zombie meat or waste product whether human or animal.

These are just some of the most common steps you can take to protect yourself, and your family in the event there is ever an emergency, outbreak or natural disaster.

Crank Powered Lights Are a Safe, Affordable Alternative to Candles

No More Unsafe Candles!

When your lights go out, what’s the first thing you grab? Chances are, you might reach for a candle. This was acceptable in the early 1900’s, but not anymore. Candles have proven to be quite dangerous, as they can easily tip over and cause fires. The wax which melts can also be a source of severe burns on individuals who accidently come in contact with it. Sure, as times changed, so did candles. However, the newer versions which are embedded in glass are still not accident proof.

By far, the best way to bring light into your home during a power outage or other emergency is with a crank powered light.

Benefits of Crank Lights…

Crank powered lights provide an efficient amount of light for individuals to get around when their power is off. When compared to candles, they are the safest choice. The benefits of using a crank powered light includes:

1. Great Instant light Source
2. No batteries Ever
3. Affordable Price
4. Easy to use
5. Lasts For Years
6. Light Weight

No matter when you need your crank powered light, it will never let you down, and best of all- it doesn’t cost much.

Durable and Dependable

Buying a crank powered light means you will never have to worry about having a bright light available when your lights go out. All that’s needed is for you to crank the lever, and the light will come on. The longer you turn and crank, the more power you are adding to your light. This light is affordable, and will never need batteries; the crank light will run on your energy alone. By cranking up the the crank powered light, you are providing an energy source to light up the bulb inside.

The crank powered light will be around for years to come, still providing great light in an instant.

Please note: This information is for normal emergencies. When zombies and looters roam the policy is, LIGHTS OUT! Even the best blackout curtains will leak enough light to draw the enemy to you. Lights are for windowless interior rooms only.

Why You Should Buy A Crank Powered Radio

Crank powered radios can be one of the most important things in your survival kit if an emergency ever occurs. If the power goes out, a crank powered radio could be the only way to get information about what’s going on. You will need to stay informed about evacuation procedures, impending weather, and emergency alerts. If a natural disaster occurs, you will want to be able to get as much information as possible.

Crank powered radios are very easy to use. You just crank them and you can use them for a set amount of time. When the charge is gone, you simply crank them up again. Make sure that you buy a good crank powered radio that can hold a charge for a long period. You want to make sure that the radio you buy is going to be very durable. Some radios are waterproof and made to be tough in case you drop it.

Many crank powered radios have extra features like flashlights and sirens. In some cases, these radios may even have clocks on them or they can act as a charger for other devices. You want to make sure that the radio can pick up local weather stations and national weather stations too. (Not to mention the pure entertainment value of having a radio when no other electrical device is working!)

Crank powered radios are small and easy to carry around. In an emergency, you will be glad to have this lightweight device with you. You can easily store it anywhere and have it nearby when you need it. You do not want to be carrying around heavy pieces of equipment that will load you down, so a small and portable crank powered radio can make a big difference.

Crank powered radios are not that expensive. If you ever need one, it will be worth it. This is a great item to purchase and keep in a safe place with your other emergency kit items.

Please note: This information is for normal emergencies. When the living dead and looters roam the policy is, KEEP THE SOUND DOWN! Be quiet as possible while monitoring the emergency news bands for information, what shelters have been overrun and so on.

Fire Starters

We sometimes take fire starters for granted. Can you imagine what you would do if you needed to get a fire going, but didn’t have a lighter and and you were left without an alternative? This is the situation that faces many people in an emergency situation. Especially those that don’t prepare. Disasters like fires, earthquakes, flooding and hurricanes leave many homeless. At other times, holiday expeditions or outdoor activities may turn into a nightmare in case of accidents or other hazards such as weather. During these times, a fire has to be lit in order to prepare food, boil water, and staying warm. This underlines the importance of the fire starters we never give much thought about.

A kit for survival during emergencies must have at least two fire starters. The primary aim is to light fire in order to prepare food, warm yourself, scare away animals or even serve as a signal to rescuers. In the normal course of life, it’s hard to imagine yourself in such a situation. The general assumption that they only occur in movies is wrong. Life is full of risks and anything can happen at any time.

Conventional fire starters such as match sticks can be used during emergencies. Lighters can also be used. There are different types of lighters. A waterproof one is the best in case it gets wet. Another incredible lighter is a fire steel and scraper. This can be used even when it is wet. It is made of steel and magnesium and is just like a flint as it produces sparks and can light your tinder bundle.

Sometimes, life can be really hard on you supposing you have no lighter with you. It is time to improvise and make use of the Stone Age practice. By rubbing two sticks together, you will light a fire. It is archaic but it serves the purpose when called upon. Remember it is about survival in an emergency situation when you really don’t have much of a choice. Fire starters are therefore an important tool in survival during disasters. Unless you want to learn how to start a fire with two stick, which is recommended as well.

Power Generators, Disasters and Emergencies

Disasters and emergencies alike can cause unprecedented destruction of human life and property if not properly managed or contained. Disasters come in all manners ranging from hail stones, earthquakes, tremors and landmines to various accidents like fires, motor vehicle and plane accidents among many others. On the other hand, emergencies are not necessarily catastrophic in nature. Situations like black outs and sudden illnesses are perfect examples of emergencies. This article concentrates on how power generators can be used in disasters and emergencies to help in averting the problem or probably reducing the loss of damage that can be incurred significantly.

Power generators are mostly useful in situations where electricity is of the essence. Most businesses and installations that run on electricity are affected when there are power outages. However, the power generators act as standby sources of electricity whenever such outages occur. It is important to note that there are power generators that are pre-installed and power on almost instantly after the electricity goes out, as well as power generators that must be started by hand only when needed. The latter is the most affordable solution for use in your home.

Notably, power generators are also used in various facilities that heavily rely on electricity like hospitals and learning institutions. Imagine how devastating it could be if power goes off in a health facility full of patients on life support machines. Catastrophic, right? Many people will lose their lives because the life support machines depend on electricity to run. In such emergency cases, mobile power generators are brought in to restore the life support machines to normal working.

In the same line, learning institutions depend on electricity largely to perform its operations. Considerably, loss of power in schools and colleges cannot be said to be as disastrous because there might be no loss of life or damage of property. Students can still read using natural light if its daytime or wait for power generators to be installed if its night.

It’s always essential to be well prepared for disasters and emergencies by having the necessary tools and equipment that will be useful in such situations. Prepare now and you wont regret it.

Please note: Generators are for normal emergencies and even so are often stolen if portable even when chained and cabled to a secure fixture. When looters and the walking dead roam the policy is, NO GENERATOR! Until the crisis is past and the area secured.

Survival Garden

Life is full of uncertainties. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. As such, it is always worthwhile to be ready for whatever nasty happenings that may occur. These include disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires or even earthquakes. You are caught between a rock and a hard place when a disaster occurs. It is thus imperative to always have a leeway out of this melee. The key is being prepared, and a survival garden is thus a requirement. It is particularly important when you get “locked up” within your home.

A survival garden is a garden dedicated to the growth of survival foods. These include vegetables and herbs which should be enough for consumption by your family as well as storage. It is normally located in the backyard. It doesn’t have to be big, just a small garden with what you often need. Being within your property, you have the assurance that you and your family will have access to healthy food for as long as you need.

In preparing a survival garden, you should find a perfect spot within your yard. It should be well drained and with a good soil. It should have direct sunlight and be in close proximity to a source of water. It should not be visible from the road. Fenced off. Consider planting sticker bushes around the yard perimeter to keep pesky neighborhood children and bums out. There is nothing like coming home to find the local urchins fought a tomato battle in your yard.

Once you have identified the ideal spot, prepare it in a good manner and then choose the right seeds. They should be of the highest available quality and compatible with the soil and climate of your area as you expect maximum produce out of your small garden.

Once you are done, plant your garden and look after it diligently. Maximize the space by using poles to grow the vines vertically. Do not allow any form of weed to grow alongside your survival crops.

Lastly, always remember that your survival garden is well-taken care of. It should also contain crops that will yield a balanced diet. As such, it should have as many different crops as possible to ensure that it provides all the required nutrients.

How To Select The Correct Survival Gear

In the event of a disaster or an emergency, you want to make sure you have the correct survival gear prepared well in advance. You never know when something tragic or catastrophic is going to happen, so it’s best to be properly prepared so that you are ready, at any moment, for whatever may come your way, to protect and provide for your family.

In this article we will look at what items make the best survival gear so that you can starting preparing yourself today.

In all cases: The family with the working propane BBQ with spare filled tanks is better off then the family without. The family with complete kit camping equipment and food supplies is better off then the family without. With that in mind . . .

First off, you are going to need to have a camp stove so that you can cook for yourself. You need a camp stove that is easily transportable because you never know what type of remote location you are going to end up in. Try to find one that is lightweight.

Secondly, you are going to need several water filters, the pitcher and the pump type and water purification tablets . Besides oxygen, water is the most fundamental thing we need to survive. In the event of an emergency, you are going to need a way to filter your water so that it is safe to drink. That is why you need a water filter.

Thirdly, you will need a way of finding and catching food to eat. That’s why you should equip yourself with a survival fishing kit and a game snare. This will allow you to quickly catch some food which you can cook on the stove and will give you the nutrition and sustenance you need to survive.

Lastly, you should also equip yourself with a survival blanket that is light and will keep you warm. Being outdoors in the wilderness at night can get very cold. That’s why you need a survival blanket to keep you warm and avoid you suffering from hypothermia.

Hopefully these tips will help you in choosing your survival gear and will prepare you well for the future. It’s very important that you not only buy the needed gear, but that you use it to become familiar with how it all works, and will be ready to use it if the time ever comes.

Survival Kit

In today’s world, it is always imperative to ensure that you are ready for any occurrence. Disasters are common everywhere and uncertainty is the order of the day. When disasters happen, many people are left stranded and in a pathetic state. However, to minimize the effects of a disaster or a catastrophe, it is important to have a survival kit.

A survival kit is a package containing basic supplies and tools. It is prepared in advance to aid survival during an emergency. It is a compulsory component for lifeboats and military aircraft. Aid agencies make use of this kit when providing assistance to victims of disasters such as hurricanes, fires and earthquakes.

The kit contains tools and supplies that will keep you warm, shelter you from the elements, meet your first aid and health needs, provide water and food, give signals to rescue teams and help you find your way back. Some of the tools include a knife, common drugs such as antiseptics and antibiotics, bandages, matchbox, first aid kit, sewing kit and a flashlight.

Though they are mainly used by the military, forestry workers and surveyors, they can also be used by people in expeditions, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Having your own survival kit at is advisable as you never know when the need for one may arise. Protecting and providing for your family in an emergency is your top priority. A little planning goes a long way.

In some cities, there are survival kit stores kept as a way of disaster preparedness. This is especially the case in areas prone to earthquakes, flooding, fires and hurricanes. The kits are also dispatched to civilians in rescue operations by aid workers. If there are no such outlets in your area, you can always find ready built survival kits online, or even build your own piece by piece as you are able.

The Red Cross recommends the use of a survival kit that is easy to use and carry in the event of a disaster or an emergency. The kit is important as it may be save your life, and the lives of your family members. Indeed, thousands of people are saved by these kits each year. It is a necessary and sufficient requirement for survival. Is your kit ready?

Water Filtration

Have you ever imagined yourself having to drink dirty water? Well, most probably not, but it can happen. You would probably restrain at first, but water is life; you can’t be without it. When a disaster strikes, you are not left with much of a choice. Disasters and emergencies such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes leave the whole place in a mess and dilapidation. The water gets contaminated and dirty. Water pipes get damaged and supplies cease. But thirst remains. You have to quench it.

However, it is inconceivable that you will ever have to drink dirty water. Water filtration will allow you to purify water and boost your survival efforts. Water filtration is done using a water filter. There are many different filters available. It should be a component of any survival kit you choose to use during emergencies. The filter removes impurities from water. This can be used by the use of a barrier such as a sieve or a chemical.

In emergency situations, portable water filters are used for water filtration. They are usually small, light and portable. They filter the water by the use of a mechanical hand pump. Others use a siphon-drip system which works by forcing water through. More conveniently, others are inbuilt in water bottles.

During water filtration, it is passed specialized filter and into a container. The filter contains minute pores through which particles larger than water molecules cannot pass. They remove any foreign particles, bacteria, microbial cysts and protozoa that can cause illness.

The importance of water in our lives cannot be understated. In fact, is not possible to survive for long without water. Drinking dirty water can threaten your very life. With water filtration, you are assured that you will be able to supply yourself and your family with life giving purified water. Water filters are a crucial component of a survival kit.

You Should Store Water For an Emergency

One of the many things that you will need in an emergency is water that will last you several days. You should stock up on water before it is too late and there is no more water on the shelf. People should not wait until there is a natural disaster coming to prepare for the disaster, or you may be left empty handed.

There are many good reasons to prepare for a natural disaster before the storm comes. The first reason is the roads may not be passable after a storm due to trees and live wires from electricity poles blocking the road. There could also be flooding, or other unsafe events which prevent you from traveling. It is better to have water on hand well in advance.

Another good reason to have water storage is, even if the roads are passable, the stores may not even be open after a storm if the store got flooded or lost electricity. The store counts on having electricity to run the cash registers. People can avoid being without water if they prepare for the storm before it happens.

Some of the ways that you will use water in a storm are: for drinking, for bathing, for doing the dishes, washing your hands, etc. You should have a good amount of water on hand for those daily activities.

It takes two to two and a half gallons to flush a toilet by filling the tank. Pouring water directly into the bowl only works if it goes in fast enough. How long can you last before, giving up the water or getting stunk outta the house?

Tip: Plastic cat litter jugs are good for storing water for toilet flushing.

Tip: Brand name ice tea jugs are made of much heavier plastic then supermarket water jugs, great for storing water for washing, etc.

You must ask yourself, if you went to the faucet right now, and no water came out, wow much water do you have stored for yourself and your family? Is it enough?

Consider Adding a Fallout/Tornado Shelter

In many areas, eyebrows won’t be raised to your giving serious thought to a tornado shelter that does double duty as fallout shelter, safe room, zombie protection, etc. In other areas the addition of heavy hurricane panels not only can protect the house from you know who, they may also qualify for a reduction in insurance premiums.

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