Zombie Survival Retreat Strategy

Strategizing the retreat during a heated zombie attack.

It’s hard times when the team realizes it is necessary to retreat, but nevertheless there are numerous ways to execute a successful retreat. Here’s how.

Strategize a plan. The whole team must be ready to head for a safe area if it is necessary to retreat. Find a place that provides enough cover to protect yourselves. It would be a good idea to move closer to the assist team members in order to obtain help. The assist units are usually concealed prior to the start of the hunt so the zombies will not have any idea where the your team is heading.

Be a team: Work together, run together, and fight together. The best protection is always team power. Watching each others’ back can save the whole squad as this helps the team re-engage as soon as they’re back in a safe area.

Fire back: To free your selves from the zombi, the team must fire in sync and with great intensity to drop forward zombies in order to trip up those coming next. This could buy time for you to make a successful retreat. Three to four seconds of blasting can be good preparation for retreat.

Move with a plan: To repeat, strategize! Retreating does not necessarily mean rushing to safety. While retreating make certain that the zombies are given a tough time. The whole squad should take turns in returning fire from cover. In the end it is encouraging to see that there were multiple shots fired at the attacking creatures while retreating. They may be chasing after the retreating squad so is it is easy to shoot at zombies when they are in the open.

While there is still room for control, end the retreat: not when the whole team can no longer be shot but when there is still a chance to fight back. It will be harder when in complete shelter because the zombies cannot to be seen and the damage they could inflict if they get in is much worse.

The catch! There are special occasions when a team retreats just to lure the zombies into a trap. By keeping the hunting team together and drawing back, it might give the zombies the feeling they are already nearing their prey and they might be easier to attack. Once the assisting unit is behind you, utilize speed and shoot the zombies. Ah! The winning moment.

Being attacked during a hunting sweep is not to be used as a reason to retreat. It could be a good chance to change positions and use the advantage for better cover. It might be good to retreat in order to mess up the creatures’ instinctive attack method.

Always have a plan b:

When you or your squad needs to move to another position, make sure your recon determined this area is far safer as this will be the place where you have to retreat to. Plan ahead so that you will know the ideal place for you and your team to be. Usually, good places to retreat are those that provide cover for the team or is a nearer to the other squad units of your team to support each other. It is essential that this area is known by everyone, and all know how to get there. It is also important that all go there together, when such a need arises.

Fight together, run together:

When it is time to retreat, retreat all together, retreat as one group. “All for one and one for all” is the best defense you can have. Your group’s combined strength is a force to reckon with when under attack.

Imagine if your team was to run off in various directions, you would be unable to watch and protect each other. It is difficult to battle the enemy if everyone is far apart, especially if you and your other team mates are safely nestled in their separate areas.

If you can’t make your move right away, form a firing square or triangle to cover all fronts.

Fire, fire, fire and fire:

The most effective way to break from an attack is to fire back with an enormous amount of ammunition as this will cause the zombies to fall tripping up those following giving you the chance to escape in good order. When the leader of your squad decides to retreat, continue firing all together, hit everything that is moving for about three seconds and then, retreat! Do not forget to fire back and occasionally turn around to check on anything that may be gaining on you. Do this as a group.

Keep in mind that retreats are not an opportunity to duck and cover but to make moves that are strategically important to the group’s survival. Therefore, it should be quick.

Exception to the rule

There is an exception to the “fire when retreating rule.” The act of retreating and not returning any shots is when you or your squad is asked to help your fellow team members by being bait to lure their attacking zombies away. On this occasion, moving as a unit with speed is still very important.

Retreating is never easy but it could be the best choice you or your group have to keep your team alive.

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