Zombie Nightmare City of the Dead

dt1For Your Eyes Only: Journal account found among enemy personal effects at Plague Outbreak Ground Zero. Translated text follows below:

The war has not been going well for us. We’re being pushed further back each day, despite being ordered not to retreat, unless absolutely necessary to keep the front lines intact.

On a good day we retreat at night leaving a few squads to mimic our larger force. Causing the enemy to punch an empty sack, wasting munitions bombarding worthless real estate, then walking into our heavy fire just beyond. Unfortunately they have the manpower and munitions to waste.

Oh, it wasn’t always like this. At the war’s start the enemy was spread out protecting a long border. We had no idea how thin a crust their frontier guard really was.

Not only did our main thrusts break through enemy lines, our feint thrusts intended to draw their forces off also broke through. We had them on the run, rolling them up across a wide front.

Of course we didn’t realize it at the time. Because we were chasing them, not decimating them, all we were accomplishing was compressing a great spring. Concentrating enemy troops, shortening their supply and communications lines. While we had to disperse our forces to protect our flanks and our stretched to the limit communications and supply lines.

Naturally when we ran out of gas, were being told to conserve ammunition, they counterattacked. We’ve been conducting a fighting retreat operation ever since. Retreating to and over our own borders.

Now we’re fighting with our backs to our country’s third largest city. The old capital. A city filled with famous victory landmarks, art and sculpture treasures, religious shrines, holly mackerels and such.

We have new orders!

We’ve been ordered to hook up with a party of army doctors and scientists. To escort them into the city nearest so they can inoculate as many healthy and strong civilians as possible to help them survive the coming enemy occupation. It is believed the enemy will conduct germ warfare to reduce our population to prevent any potential uprisings in the future.

Our enemy are horrible uncivilized barbarians. I have no idea why our leaders would want their land or people as part of our new territories. If there was a button to push that would eliminate them all, I wouldn’t hesitate to push it !!!

Finally connection made. We have our army doctors one scientist and the remains of their original escort. It seems they were attacked several times enroute by deserters and highwaymen.

We enter the city.

People in the city are going just plain nuts. The enemy is at the gates. Most of the police and guard have removed their uniforms and gone to ground, the few remaining holding out in their bunkers.

Only our weapons keep the criminal element at bay. Guess our guns are their intended target as we have little else of value, though these days even a decent pair of boots are worth several lives to obtain.

We establish base in a local school. The doctors insist we need the auditorium and gymnasium to facilitate operations.

Orders are to round up healthy looking survivor types off the street for inoculations in the gymnasium after which they will need to rest in the auditorium for examination before being released. Sounds good!

New info: We have only twelve hours to accomplish our mission. We’re to take it as close to the line as possible, then get out. Apparently the city is going to be declared an open city at that time, any of our soldiers found inside will be shot by the new occupiers.

Bringing people in is surprisingly easy by offering them food and protection, not that they receive such. Once they get the injection they get sleepy that gives us just enough time to seat them in the auditorium before the inoculation knocks them out cold.

The doctors tell me they are varying the sleep agent dose so they will all wake up roughly the same time twelve hours from the start so they can disperse throughout the city just before occupation begins.

Surprisingly the mission has gone well enough for us to be wrapping things up. When don’tcha just know, the doors are thrown open and in walks the mayor, most of the city council and their goon squad guards all demanding they be inoculated or we can remain in the city with them to greet the enemy.

What can you do when there is no other option? They got their shots and we found ourselves an hour past deadline.

OMG! I’m moving the last of the new inoculates into the auditorium and it wasn’t pretty. Our patients are waking up and they are no longer what I would recognize as human.

Lucky for me these things aren’t fully functional yet, we all escape.

I pull one of the doctors aside and demand an explanation, he sticks me with the inoculation needle and injects me instead. Whispers I’m going to make a fine zombie to protect the homeland. The enemy will never recover from their attempted occupation of what will soon be the nightmare city of the dead.

Well the auditorium zombies have been released and now I’m a zombie too. Strange I can still think some, though the thoughts come slow, maybe I didn’t get a full dose, though I can sense my will fading. Still wearing my body armor and helmet, good. My plan, my plan, man I am so hungry, my plan is to go out and bite everyone [Account Text Ends]

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