Fear The Walking Dead

fear the walking deadSeason 3 Episode 5

Oh boy, now we’re going to play cowboys and Indians.

In an episode eerily reminiscent of a Z-Nation plotline our gang will have to deal with a angry hostile tribe without a name. What an insult, I am so offended, give me a minute to figure out why.

This nameless tribe is lead by a former attorney seeking to make themselves great again. Z-Nation they were lead by a former professor, totally different.

Nice to see these characterizations of native Americans haven’t shed their traditions of killing and taking scalps. Then again, if my neighbors were lead by a psychopath . . .

What a waste not to show how the hotel was lost. Wonder how much was due to Strand letting people in and how much the doctor was no longer there?

Talking Dead: Keeps talking about how innocent Alicia is, makes this writer wonder what they are seeing when they watch the show.

Season 3 Episode 4

Entire episode was in a foreign lingo all sub-titled. Total fan abuse, total waste of time.

This is a show where every detail counts. It is impossible to watch closely and read subtitles at the same time. So viewers are tortured twice, by the sub-titles and by the nasty torture scenes.

Another waste of a perfectly good villain. Lasted about as long as the Pirate King.

Talking Dead: Seems to think this is wonderful, trendy, edgy, will likely win an award of some kind somewhere, who knows, who cares. Not on my short list of episodes to enjoy again.

Season 3 Episode 3

“You’re lookin’ crazy, you’re lookin’ wrong
It looks like we’re gonna get along”

Talking Dead: Ohhhh there’s a dark side to Broke Jaw Ranch. He grabbed his drunk wife’s hand, OMG! He expects a little gratitude, OMG!

Funny how every actor is described as being sweet and so funny they disrupt filming to tell jokes making it hard for everyone to get back into character. No wonder it takes half a year to get half a season. Maybe we could use a little dark side on set.

Season 3 Episode 1 and 2

Hard to believe this is how the world ends.

Well we waited almost a year only to find they have yet to address their poor production values (sound related). No matter how high to max the characters can not be heard or understood due to all the background noise.

In a real show, take even an old one like Law and Order. Visiting a construction site we are greeted with a blast of construction equipment sound, but as the detectives begin to converse the sound leaves, we can hear what they are saying. When the scene is ending the sound returns to send us on our way.

On Fear the Walking Dead the noise overrides the actors, not me, not the set, none of us can make it out, watch it again, turn the sound up and down, can’t get away and the fake music! Just holding down a key for twenty – thirty seconds at a time to build suspense, steals from the scene does not improve anything.

Doesn’t matter what the excuse, sounds of preparing to leave the base, prevailing sound of the dead outside, it’s a show, let us enjoy it!

On the plus side, they actually improved the subtitles! Larger and white text that can actually be read, yah! Thanks guys!

In season one we learned this show appears to display a bias against the military. This season it is unclear whether these guys on base are actual military or from Broke Jaw Ranch on a fuel run who found the base empty and decided to dress up like soldiers to commit their horrible acts.

Cutting the guy’s throat and tossing him down the sewer to hunt Nick and Luciana, wasn’t throat cutting to bleed out how they prevented turning at Terminus? Just trying to connect the dots.

Who shot down the chopper. who else knew it would be there? Who else could still head shot zombies despite loss of depth perception?

About the rat actors, so cute. Where in the world is there construction where vents on the wall are on the other side of the drywall, opening on a sewer system. Deadly sewer gases would have stunk everyone out long before the zombies got there.

Broke Jaw Ranch, will be interesting to see how our gang ruins the place. Tip of the hat to Lost for giving us a new hatch.

Alicia gets a new potential boyfriend. Been there.

Trust me, I’m your mother. Been there.

Hotel people, who cares, they’re over.

Talking Fear The Walking Dead, nice to see Travis with a clean face. Strange how we lose characters just as they get interesting.

So now that we know who captured Ofelia, where is she?

Season 2 Episode 14 and 15

Who would have thought mild mannered Travis would turn into a mad Maori murder machine. What was his English Lit class called, Read Or Die?

Thank goodness we’re rid of the horrible Chris character. Of course it really was Travis’s fault for letting Chris think he knew how to drive. Well he’s more then welcome to demonstrate his wide range of making frowny faces for Agents of Shield.

Always interesting how the writers will do a little buildup for the soon departed, taking a worthless character like Beth and Chris and featuring them as if important, just before wasting their screen credit in a senseless death. Found it strange the reenactment of Chris’ death failed to explain how the bro-migos knew he didn’t know how to drive, knew he didn’t have a license, indicating some kind of after crash conversation before putting him down.

With no intention of defending those guys, what exactly were they supposed to do? They’re sleeping in the bed of the pickup truck when all of a sudden they are flying through the air. They find the truck wrecked, Chris bleeding out with splintered bone sticking out of the leg, needing major medical care that no longer exists within reach of a deserted desert highway.

Let’s see, they could wait for him to die, become a zombie, then shoot him. Or leave him to die and become a zombie. Or drag him along until he dies and becomes a zombie.

And so mad man Travis gets Alicia and Madison kicked out of the hotel, but not before Alicia gets to make her first kill with a butterfly knife, family that slays together and all that.

Meanwhile Alejandro takes forever to die not before getting the bus to somehow run opening up down town access to the zombies. The banditos waste their ammo shooting into the air in celebration apparently not thinking to bring additional clips for what is supposed to be massive firepower. Can’t just walk past the zombies like Travis and Madison do or hole up in a building. No ideal what happened to their la familia and supplies.

Nick and Luciana lead the towns’ people to the border crossing where they are met with the apparent defenders of tent city and are brutally attacked most likely due to the writer’s dislike of all things U.S. such as having borders a military, etc. Similar thing happens to Ofelia who is mistaken for Mexican. Strand stays behind, not knowing if he will be welcome or not. Alicia is told to stay in the truck, as if . . .

All in all a fairly good double episode once again demonstrating how this family is death for those who take them in.

Talking Dead: Chris used to be a nice person, now he’s trying to mix silly sexy talk, double entendre, as if people tune in for that instead of learning more about what they just saw. Please Chris no more of the nasty.

Season 2 Episode 13:

The episode is the way it is because the writers chose to write it that way. They could have explored several alternative more interesting plotlines, but as usual chose to go with the most horrible. Speaking of which, where were the zombies?

Anyone see any eggs? Mama hen Travis says they should have been eating the eggs, not the chickens. I didn’t see a hen house, nests, eggs. Only wire cages the chicken wrangler likely brought the chickens in. Suggests these might have been fighting chickens not egg layers. Did you know chickens only lay eggs for two years and live ten?

Time to leave, we’ve eaten all the chickens, there couldn’t have been enough chickens to be profitable for the farmer if there were only a week’s worth of good eating.

The ride: Stop you’re killing your friend! Really Travis couldn’t have said to take it easy until they get to the paved road, there were no mattresses available, really?

Frankly, feeling as he did they were so bad for Chris, maybe Travis should have shot them all when he had the upper hand, after all he was able to kill his ex-wife before learning if she would turn or not considering how strong her immune system was being able to work in the plague atmosphere of the medical unit.

No idea why they couldn’t take Chris to check out San Diego while Travis stayed with James, cept the writers felt obliged to paint these guys as horrible as possible. Even so, whatever horror they are intended to cause at the hotel, this writer is pretty sure it will fall flat being mostly wise guy punks not scary.

Travis turns up at the hotel: This guy is a zombie, looks like a hobo cartoon from the depression. Everyone else apparently can shave and comb their hair . . . is this like Buffy the Vampire Slayer where you never carry weapons, you just improvise during the encounter out of whatever’s laying around. He walks, what kind of farmer doesn’t have a truck or tractor, any ride is better then a good walk. No zombies around here, how does he know what’s just over the hill, city of zombies yet hotel rioter’s aren’t in danger of being eaten, oh come on.

Two hours left to warp this all up into a cliff hanger.

Season 2 Episode 12:

This episode can best be described in Spanish as tumbaburros, which roughly translates to “funeral for a jackass.” Thought we were finally going to get rid of some annoying characters, no such luck. Bye bye Ofelia, we’ll love you until you die and become a zombie Ofelia.

Well it’s official, every major character is a danger to ever other character as well as themselves.

I feel sorry for the actors that think they lucked onto a good job long term, here today gone tamale.

Bandito Supermarket, we’re now supposed to believe the banditos collected supplies to open a trading post. They even put up shelving and stocked it with various items including snack foods, more like they found it that way. Considering how much people living the thug life want to do physical labor, it would be far more believable they took over a market before it was looted. Even so, how much water would be in supply, how much does even a small town need, or is the clean water only for certain people or the sick, who knows?

What good is a town that doesn’t have portable water, all those empty houses there must be water filtering equipment for the taking. The whole thing doesn’t hold up, especially the flimsy chain link fence between the town and the zombies.

The FTWD website has a two answer portion of the weekly quiz, asks about Nick and Luciana do you like it or love it, those are the only choices. How happy would you be if your son or daughter took up with a drug addict? Oh that’s right, in this universe it’s a career opportunity.

Once again the show disrespected the viewers with subtitles, not easy for the viewing impaired, or those of us who leave the show on for several more viewings while trying to get some work done.

Talking dead showed a preview of next week with Travis again dressing down Chris. Like Hans Solo, the farmer shot first! He might have experience protecting his goats from chupacabra. The farmer has a lever action rifle, takes half a second to chamber another round and retarget, that’s how long you get to decide if he’s a danger to your group or not, and hey he shot first not to mention any wound can be a death sentence with no m├ędico to practice Mexican Medicine.

Good thing Travis and Chris left when they did, otherwise Travis’s side of the argument wouldn’t make much sense considering Madison is a murderer too. If we’re learned anything from watching Law and Order, it is murder to kill someone, even if they are about to die, there is no such legal thing as mercy killing. Everyone has the right to turn before being killed.

Season 2 Episode 11:

The show’s creators’ decision not to cover the nature of the plague really leaves us scratching our collective heads when it comes to what causes the infected.

The CDC told us the virus is airborne and everyone is infected, so turning must be dependent on personal levels of immunity or is brought on by death itself. The problem part is that tipping point, why entire groups such as enough banditos survived to maintain a gang or so many hotel guests turned, while people slathering themselves with zombie gore without concern for pimples and shaving cuts get away with it again and again.

Even if the overdose of being injected by virus by bite overwhelms immunity, this writer fails to see why bride Jessica would turn from such a freshly turned zombie as her father. There simply wouldn’t be any greater viral load deposited then say a bite while alive or from mouth to mouth.

Anyway, the pier walk was good, kept expecting Madison to stumble like Carl did walking backwards, on a boardwalk yet! Not that the zombies looked like fancy hotel guests, more like they got dressed at goodwill in the dark. Even with the riptide, there will always be zombie sinkers and floaters washing up on the beach from further up the coast, can they reach the hotel the way the infected reached Strand’s beach house, most likely you can never be safe from water zombies from the outside without good walls making them good neighbors.

Fatal flaw in the working together strategy, no weapons or training in such to combat banditos. Doesn’t matter if you add three more people, still doesn’t make a difference. Kinda strange no surviving hotel guests were found or why zombies couldn’t bump their way out of rooms with those lever door handles unless Elena had a way of locking the door from the inside that had to be turned before the lever would work. Oh and bye the way, smashing a locking door knob doesn’t make locked doors open.

As for Nick, Alejandro and Luciana, isn’t it funny if you close your eyes Alejandro sounds exactly like Mr. Lulu from Star Drek on the Boobypirze. And that Alejandro and Luciana want to invest their trust in a junky. Guess they don’t have a lot of experience with drug addicts in Mexico. One would think Alejandro would know where he ordered Oxy from and send a scout team there for more rather then risk cutting what he has considering the consequences if found out.

If we learned anything from Terri Schiavo, when it comes to pulling the plug, the spouse has the say not the parents. Even so, you should not kill another person’s zombie without their permission. It was wrong of Daniel and wrong of Strand, and see what happened to them.

Talking Dead continues to marvel over the episodes, failing to mention the major viewer drop off this season due in part to none of the characters being likable, not doing what rational people would do and Travis being a wimpy tagalong rather then a strong protector. Preview scenes look like we’re leaving town already, show has a penchant for spending a fortune on sets only to abandon them before fully exploring their potential.

Season 2 Episode 10:

For once a fairly good episode, a little weird but all in all good.

Chris and Travis, I guess we must assume they checked out of our sight to see if the car was locked before smashing the window. Hard to say why Travis didn’t tell Chris he’d be helpless if attacked while hot wiring the car, maybe better not to tell Chris that and take his chances with the zombies.

Alicia demonstrates some wicked gravity stab’n knife skills and still has all her fingers, where’s she been hiding that thing?

For those who don’t know, elevator cables are greased, along with spines of wire sticking out all over. See Elevator Cables for a better idea of why Alicia should have slid to the bottom with bloody hands, not climbed and been rescued with clean hands.

The three bro-amigos seemed more then the writers wanted us to infer by showing us the bodies of the road stop owners. The camp out scene was interesting with Chris saying the right things for the wrong reason, Travis saying the wrong things for his reasons and Kevin making some pretty reasonable comments.

Travis, we’ll carve out a place for ourselves here. Kevin, out of what? Travis tells Chris, they’re not our people. Travis would have to travel to the other end of the earth to find his people.

Chris is right, most likely having seen Green Acres reruns, the place you don’t want to make your own is a Mexican dirt farm with no help beyond your aching back. You need people to watch your back. Travis who doubtfully knows any more then the rest of us about farming, says there are crops in the fields, for all he knows the farmer is growing red hot chili peppers.

And the poor farmer who did shoot first gets killed despite Travis’ attempt to speak Spanish pourflavor. The grave markers were a nice touch giving a 2010 date to everything two months into the disaster. Hey, even in 2010 who would have known you could still get Polaroid film in Mexico? Hmmm, seems like 2010 is pretty close to when Walking Dead started, just confirms things.

Season 2 Episode 9:

Can anyone save us from these horrible sub-titles? Every time someone can’t make them out and someone else reads them out loud to help, so we can’t clearly hear the english portion. We’re in Mexico, we get it, now let the actors speak with an accent, it’s called acting.

There has to be more to “the wall” then we’re being lead to believe so far, a hidden horror waiting to be found.

What’s obvious on the surface is the whole concept is totally stupid.

The idea is to have a zombie barrier between the town and the outside world. The stronger wall is on the outside keeping the zombies in, while the inside wall is chain link fencing like we’re seen pushed down at the prison on Walking Dead. Despite chanting at the fence, the zombies of Mexico seem to have little interest in bunching up against the fence to get at the tasty living.

Supposedly the dying are given to the wall. Any sensible people would allow you to die, become a zombie and move you to the zombie side to become part of the wall. This town’s idiots send the living sick into zombie town to be horribly eaten alive, why? To feed the zombies? One person now and then couldn’t be enough and once eaten you are doing nothing to help protect the town.

This town appears to have very limited resources, especially portable water. Have to trade oxycodone for water, guess there are no Brita or Zero Pitchers and the pharmacy doesn’t carry water purification tablets, how strange there is enough oxy to trade for so little. Nick the junkie tries to shoplift some snack food for the little girl whose papa was fed to the zombies that day, didn’t say it’s for her when told he can’t have it, leading to a showdown with the banditos to demonstrate his druggie negotiating skills.

The other half of the episode revolves around Madison, Strand and the girls visiting a zombie infested resort hotel. Strand says the girls (who are armed with a pointy stick) can handle themselves allowing them to go off on their own, while he and Madison proceed to get drunk and make a lot of zombie attracting noise resulting in the inevitable shower of zombies attacking the bar.

Funny note: They mention the kitchen food has been cleaned out, yet the booze was ignored.

Talking Dead: What was that crawling all over Madison’s blouse? Looked like she had a big stain or trump pin and they took a picture of the blouse, photo shopped a portion a little too big and tried to superimpose it over that area of her blouse. Every time she moved it moved a fraction of a second too late to reposition itself over the area.

Fashion tip for the over forty, consider wearing a bra on TV.

Even Talking Dead seemed to realize the characters are acting out of character and attracting zombies is stupid, as is getting drunk and letting your guard down. Already we’ve had enough of stupid people doing stupid things, not the basis of a great drama/horror soap opera.

Season 2 Episode 8:

Coulda fooled me. Preview scenes for this episode showed Nick sleeping on a concrete floor with a small fire nearby as if he had fallen asleep in the ruins of the winery, with someone standing over him with what looked like the nozzle cone of a CO2 fire extinguisher.

Well it turned out to be a crazy Mexi-gal with a base ball bat who used it to chase off Nick and keep his supplies, who woulda thought that from the preview.

This episode was a real mishmash beginning with an opening scene of a sleeping Nick to disorient those of us who saw the preview. The camera pulls back to show what looks like a bed, then a bed spread on the floor next to two rotting bodies. Strangely enough we find Nick and Celia’s second in command are best buds now, but about to split up so she can try and find dog killer boy’s father.

Nick as stupid as ever doesn’t even take a kitchen knife or fresh shoes planning to walk a hundred miles, while she smartly drives off in a car. If your secret power is to cut open zombies and smear yourself with gore, don’t you at least need a knife?

So we go walking with Nick, yawn. He finds a place to spend the night. What was that building supposed to be anyway? You couldn’t tell when you were inside or outside, no doors in the doorways no window panes or screens in the windows, no sign of being under construction. There he gets bopped by the crazy and losses his supplies.

He makes the road only to encounter the Frito Banditos who are really bad shots which allows him to escape unscathed, but is now lost in a stinking desert or desert like wilderness trying to eat cacti, drinking his own pee, while dogs try and eat him, very entertaining episode.

At last he joins a herd traveling his way, encounters the Banditos again who despite being savage killers, are so unnverved by a living person being among the zombies (remember in this universe no one knows anything about zombies) he drops his gun and gets eaten along with one of his fellow Banditos. Of course Nick fails to pick up the gun, later passes out, is recovered by rain, wanders into town and is collected by the local miltia who get his leg patched up and minutes later he is ready to play soccer with the boys.

During all this, we are treated to flashbacks of Nick and his junkie girl friend in rehab, where he learns his father was killed in an accident ruining his plan to blame everything on his father not showing him how to be a man.

In another flashback we are shown how wonderful she is because she says she would like to read a book while shooting up. The camera focuses on her adding a little bit more heron to the spoon, is that why she died and became a zombie that ate everyone there but Nick? Frankly I doubt she could finish off a quarter pounder with cheese.

I don’t see the timeline holding together, unless Madison was already seeing Travis on the sly and moved him in while the bed was still warm considering Travis was supposedly there for Nick rehabs as well.

Talking dead: Is there a makeup person that keeps putting ugly brown lipstick on guests? As a fashion trend that makes about as much sense as Trump’s hair style catching on. Please fire or retrain that person !!!

The rest of Talking Dead revolved around how clever, innocent, wonderful, junkie Nick is supposed to be, load of HS. No mention of losing two wonderful actors or why their characters were so stupid meeting their ends.

Fear The Walking Dead Returns August 21st 2016

Season 2 Episode 7:

What a mess, let’s hope the writers use the next two months to fix this or hire a good script doctor.

Chris having threatened Alicia waves a knife over Madison and Alicia spooning in bed, feeling rejected he runs away.

Travis leaves the compound to search for Chris. We are shown what looked to me like the bodies of two children. Were they zombies Chris destroyed like the fence sitter he left his knife in, in exchange for a pistol, who knows?

Travis finds Chris, decides to run away with him. Tells Nick to lie to mom.

Travis a guy who lives in LA and teaches in the LA School System is confused by the Se Habla Espanol noises he keeps hearing south of the border. Good luck in sunny guadalajara.

Nick brings Luis the zombie home to Celia. If all zombie lives matter to Celia, where is her concern over Nick’s war paint?

Nick tells Madison he is invisible out there. This ignores the need to first find a single zombie, overpower and destroy it to get the gore, what if he first encounters a pack?

Celia says zombies are the future. Isn’t it kind of obvious they don’t breed, aren’t going to live forever, will more likely rot away in a fraction of a typical human lifespan. At best zombies are a cleansing agent like white blood cells that rapidly multiply when needed.

We’re stunned to believe Celia trusts Madison at her back enough to walk into the zombie wine cellar, while behind her back Madison locks her in.

Frankly I don’t think Celia had the look of someone about to be eaten, even if by friends. I think it was a test Madison failed. Celia looked like a person who knows where the spare key is.

Daniel channels his late wife, has a vision of his victims from the past, not his recent victims like everyone at the army field hospital. In response he sets the place on fire.

Apparently the writers are using ideas from Walking Dead, just not the best ones, breaking up the group as if jumping around will be an improvement, not in this writer’s opinion.

Where it gets more weird. AMC FTWD Storysync shows Madison locking Celia in, but shows Daniel as dead by fire. TD in Memoriam shows Celia and the ghosts of Daniel’s past, but doesn’t list Daniel in print among those gone. On TD Rubin Blades didn’t appear to realize he was no longer working on the show, how strange.

Nick try to stay out of jail (real life), what were you thinking?

TD Travis the beard looks horrible, like a bum or hobo from the nineteen thirties, if Nick can shave so can you.

TD Nicks blood splatter is supposed to look like angel wings, bahahahahahah!

TD preview scenes shows Nick sleeping on the concrete floor using his old man’s jacket as a pillow as someone holding a fire extinguisher approaches, wanna bet whether it’s Celia or Daniel?

TD Chris lose the facial hair, it’s not a good look for you.

Season 2 Episode 6:

Enough with the almost unreadable subtitles already, small and washed out is not the way to go.

The priest intends to cleanse evil from the Abigail compound but he and his flock are poisoned first. Not that I’m an expert by any means, the only poison I’ve heard of that causes bleeding from the eyes is viper venom.

Back on the Abigail a gun fight takes place off stage. We soon learn Luis is dying and the two from the flotilla are dead.

Much as I hate to lose a most capable character, the existence of an incredible marksman with magical do anything bullets has proven problematical for Z-Nation.

Luis produces an owl token (coin, talisman?) asking it be given to his mother. Danial throws it in the Ocean. When the camera draws our attention to an object it is usually for a purpose, we will need to know about this in the future, so it has to be more then just a link to the owl carving in the tree hollow shrine.

Let’s see. Give up all weapons, where have we heard this before?

Tom Abigail has an attractive bandage on his arm showing a clean in out bite indicated by the bleed through of upper and lower teeth rows without the blood blot rip out of Conner’s bite.

Don’t you find it strange characters like Nick and Rick Grimy can slather themselves with zombie blood, guts and ichor often face to face with exploding zombie gore clearly spraying into their mouth, eyes, nose and wounds, yet they are not affected.

My theory is, everyone has immunity more or less. People like Alicia’s first boyfriend have virtually no immunity and can catch the plague without even being bitten. While others have varying levels of immunity from the airborne pathogen, however all will fall victim to the overdose of the infected bite. Still, gotta wonder how getting infected blood in the mouth and eyes, breathing it in, isn’t somehow just as bad for you?

Nice to see dog actors getting work. Hey kid, have you seen my dog Marley?

Nice homage to the original Dawn of the Dead cellar scene.

Victor decides to go on living I guess causing trouble in paradise, now everyone has been told to leave, what a pity. Of course that’s the basic plot of these shows: Find a place that looks good, mess it up, leave and find another, rinse and repeat.

Season 2 Episode 5:

Where have all the zombies gone? Did they blow the zombie makeup budget on the crash scene? Last week we had only two zombies, the one for Nick’s facial and the one he appeared to be considering as a replacement for his former drugged out girl friend who became a zombie in the first episode. This week we have only one zombie, what’s next?

This exciting episode begins with Travis in the cage, with a plastic barrel, blanket and a book. In the book he finds what might be a key, he runs over and tries it on the cage door lock and then stops as Alex enters the picture. Long boohoo tail of woe ending with Alex saying something like, Connor says I might be useful, I’m useful to no one.

On TD Alicia says a scene was cut where Alex tells her she will help them escape, maybe that would have explained the key, which does not appear again.

Alicia and John have a big scene where she tries to whip him into shape to abandon Connor and help them, is offered John’s job of luring sailors to their doom. Tells Travis John doesn’t want to be there any more then they do, then later abandons him to begin his angry disturbed hunt for his great love.

It would seem Chris and Nick are changing places from most to least capable. Chris finds Reed is turning and shoots him off camera. Must have done it with his eyes closed looking away because at short range he only grazes Reed’s cheek exposing teeth, not exactly a kill shot from a guy who liked spiking zombies and killed the guy in the plane.

Even so, Reed does in fact turn, so Chris was correct he was turning because Chris’s single shot certainly didn’t kill him with that shot to the cheek.

From there we enter fantasy land where the Reed Zombie is brought to port to exchange for Travis and Alicia and at exactly the right time and place, stops making weird zombie noises fooling Connor and company into thinking everything is cool.

Poor Connor, goes from ships’ cook to pirate king to zombie snack food in a couple of weeks and we never learn his story.

Final find: The lockup where Travis is held, has stitching gun holes like the boat Nick swam into. While strange the holes in steel do not display dimpling like a bullet riddles southern road sign, they do suggest the fast boat chasing the ABIGA!!_ may not belong to Connor and in fact had a battle with Connor or may be the deserters Connor mentioned.

Anyone notice they changed ABIGA!!_ to ABIGAIL?

TD: Alex and Alicia show up wearing vampire lip paint, not a good look for you ladies. The psycho-babble the show’s characters engage in is not engaging, it’s boring.

Next week the flotilla.

Season 2 Episode 4:

With a better start then most episodes, Nick swims ashore to an recently abandon refugee camp where SAVE US is spelled out in seaweed on the beach. No bodies and only one skin bag, were they saved?

So Strand has a back story, question is. How far will Strand be willing to go to take advantage of Tom’s weakness, how far has he already gone?

If anything, we’ve learned Strand has no instinct for when to buy real estate. Can you imagine making any huge purchase the day before everything is free?

Alicia cast her net on the waters and pulled in a turd. Enjoy your new boyfriend Alicia.

Always a pleasure seeing a professional at work, two shots, two we no longer have to worry about. Funny Madison raising some of the questions we’ve all wondered about, can a baby in the womb turn?

Connor and crew just don’t seem all that smart and why take an unarmed boat when you can steal a Coast Guard Cutter or small frigate if you want a world class ship for long distance travel that can protect itself.

Season 2 Episode 3:

Sometimes I suspect explanation scenes are left on the cutting room floor assuming the viewers will figure it out anyway.

Flight 462 crashed supposedly due to a loss of cabin pressure caused by a bullet shattering a window? The plane was low enough Nick could see it large from the ground, this height should not have affected the pilots or caused the plane to crash. Lost pilots did a better job of getting more plane on the beach.

Alex: Mass murderer kills the living as well as the infected, not safe to have as a house guest, even if you don’t know what she has done, you also don’t know what she is capable of – it is all about risk, you don’t add unknown factors to your baggage. It’s her creation that’s stuck in the intake pipe stalling the boat.

Funny, she won’t go to land when begged by the raft’s third passenger, yet we next see her on the beach. Where exactly did she stash Jake and the raft that was safe enough for her to forage?

Jake: Alicia says he is dying, how is that a reason to let him on the boat to turn, didn’t they just see the ranger George’s daughter turn? Skin bags almost always take out someone else.

Strand: We have not yet seen Strand kill the living, kill the infected, attempt to hurt anyone or waving a weapon and threatening anyone, yet he’s somehow the bad guy. Appears to be taking orders over the phone, not giving them. Why take some people on, needs a crew, have to sleep sometime.

Travis: Something underwater is blocking the ABIGA!!_’s water intake. Every super ship show like The Last Ship has an engine plot complication episode, reason: Screen must have come off the intake. Guess the writers forgot to mention it. Was Travis keeping a hand in the pipe to prevent Strand from moving the boat until Madison gave the OK?

Daniel: The wound is infected, you can’t ask Madison for more medicine because she would save her daughter before you. How on earth does that make any sense?

Wandering around the beach, ignoring instructions, getting into trouble as expected, melee battle where every swing of a stick brings down a skin bag, pure fantasy.

Cutting the raft loose due to unexpected major drag on the boat stressing the engines. Unacceptable risk as the idiot crew would attempt a rescue when Jake turns.

Preview scene, is that Nick playing commando, a man of many talents, someone all addicts can aspire to . . .

Season 2 Episode 2:

Anyone remember sixties Star Trek, one of the three basic plot complications was to visit a planet, object to something in their culture and despite the prime directive, ruin it?

Ever notice all three zombie shows share the same plot device. Visit a place that is getting by, ie: the governor was caring for children and seniors, and ruin everything.

This episode our fearless crew visit a nature preserve to apparently find it empty except for the ranger and family, plus roughly 300 zombies at the resort ferry station across the bay.

My take is the family are prepers who both by their nature and the nature of the job, are fairly self sufficient despite little evidence of such beyond a small kitchen garden.

Travis and company walk to ranger housing past a number of structures that may be houses or buildings that are unidentified.

The ranger pegs Travis for a native New Zealander settled by Polynesians, who developed a distinct Maori culture centered on kinship links and land, not exactly a fierce culture. He does not invite the family to stay and help defend the island since only Chris is willing to destroy skin bags.

Meanwhile Daniel who is turning out to be the only one with some brains in this eposide insists on staying on the boat to watch Strand, who for some reason feels the need to leave the boat to make a cell phone call. During which Daniel (Rubin Blades) manages to open a security compartment with a pocket knife (does that really work?) and finds a map to Mexico and a sub machine gun with only one clip in evidence.

Of course the ranger family is crazy, the mother distraught over marrying a light house keeper, did show lights to lure the boat of unknown risk to shore, now she wants them to take her small children on a boat with no food and no known safe destination.

The boy mentions power pills to Nick who starts a search for drugs, finds poison pills instead in front of the girl who for no known reason takes them and becomes a zombie, bites mom, our crew leaves the house with the boy for the boat. Big brother comes and takes him back. Finds zombie mom on the dock due in part to our fearless crew leaving the door open and must shoot her, no idea what happened to the ranger.

One must wonder, why being as up on the whole zombie thing as anyone, the ranger would think poison the cure, when all it does to make you a zombie, just let a fence zombie bit you a little or draw some blood from one if you want to become a zombie.

Anyway, a long drawn out episode resolving nothing, making little sense beyond creating devastation for this family.

Pirates don’t detect the ABIGA!!_’s radar, go on by, a money saving trick or will they be back? Stay tuned for our next boring episode.

Season 2 Episode 1:

Before we set sail on the ABIGA!!_ I want to make a basic point. The Fear The Walking Dead universe takes place in an alternative reality evidenced by the lack of the word Zombie/Zombies. While this isn’t new information, it means open season on anything the writers want to change. As Joss Whedon would say, this could be a world without shrimp.

One word to describe Season 2 Episode 1, BORING, almost as boring as driving through the woods for ninety minutes.

Strands house and likely the surrounding houses have a wall or fences, yet skin bags find their way onto the patio and beach apparently without a problem.

The lighting for the beach scene makes it almost unwatchable despite the fires burning for no apparent cause or reason. Nice zombie outboard motor kill scene similar to I Spit On Your Grave. Somehow in less then ten minutes we go from light to dark and light again winching the zodiac boat onto the zombie easy access platform on the stern of the ABIGA!!_.

No sooner do we get going then we encounter an overloaded boat in trouble, “Let’s make their problems ours.” so say our wacky crew.

Travis tells Alicia to use the radio to find a safe place, thought I was watching an episode of Lost In Space. When radio guy says they’re down to himself, brother and his wife, you can see Alicia thinking, “So you need a girlfriend?” Even when she realizes the totality of her screw-up, she doesn’t tell Strand or anyone else.

Nice boat with no supplies beyond a well stocked bar, eel anyone?

Chris walks off the stern into the water to demonstrate his angst and Nick dives in after him, somehow a fog hidden capsized boat appears. It isn’t unusual for a capsized boat to float due to trapped air pockets, only this one is Swiss cheesed with bullet holes = shouldn’t be afloat. Floating zombie looked like the mayor of Alexandria to me. TD says it’s from flight 462, begs the question: Why would any pilot choose to crash land in the ocean instead of on land aka Zombies On A Plane style.

Talking Dead promised a tour of the ABAIG!!_ never happened showed the outside of the set in the water pool instead. Never saw a boat with so many stair cases, not that I’d really know, just seems like a lot like how many times itchy boy scratched on TD.

What’s next, pirates?


Fear The Walking Dead will return to TV April 10th 2016.

Season 1 Episode Six:

In episode five Strand tells the druggie, I didn’t save you, I obligated you. When I’m ready to make my move, I’ll have need of a man with your talents.

Twice watched the part of episode six of Strand’s move, and Nick serves no apparent purpose, except potential zombie fodder, think throwing grandma to the wolves from the back of the sleigh.

Considering how the show is going, the writers must be upside down in their minds to make the U.S. military the bad guys and this psycho family the good guys. Reflect on how may people died as a result of their actions. Yes the death of Liz is blood on the hands of Daniel and Travis.

Travis, the former useful idiot thinks his neighbors not taking on the military when raiding the self appointed mayor’s house makes their impending doom just deserts.

When the military left the safe zone, whether coming back or not, they closed the gate. Travis leaves the gate wide open! Gate closed residents of the safe zone have some chance to access what’s going on and to retreat to the strongest houses. Waking to the horde scratching at your door is no way to start the day.

In a world where zombie scientists are still researching the door knob, the simple act of closing doors goes a long way toward protecting your rear. The only time these people close a door, is to later block their own retreat to create new plot complications.

What kind of brains do the writers have where a hundred or more killed or turned is an equivalent exchange?

As for boats and ships at sea. Zombies in the water tend to be sinkers or floaters. Unless underway, typical ladders to the water and anchor lines can allow zombies aboard, plan ahead for it.

Episode Five:

This episode could have used a warning. Most viewers are familiar with the concept of actors in zombie makeup eating ribs and sausage with BBQ sauce. We are not all that comfortable with explicit scenes of torture far beyond Jack24 twitching to taped prop wires. We do not need shows to provide horrific images we can not get out of our minds for life.

Well it’s official, I can’t stand any of these people. Why did the writers write them this way? Almost great idea, let’s do a prologue of walking dead, ya! We won’t explain anything about the disease, why it’s a faster turn now then later, etc. We’ll do it from the point of view of the typical L.A. family. Second marriage with kids from both parents, daughter dating a black artist with no ass, one son a heron addict, the other a narcissist that only cares about causes. Ex wife cold blooded snitch, give me that pig killer I’ll do it.

In seconds the wise barber becomes a monster, guess he was on our side once, so immigration let him in. Did Blades shave people with his torture tools? Were torture tools what he chose to save from the shop, seems likely.

Travis still doesn’t get it yet, can’t kill zombie Kimberly. Would make a little sense if a breakfast scene with Kimberly serving was left on the cutting room floor. Stay in the truck sir. No one in these shows ever does what they’re told.

Kids breaking into the nice house, could have been written with some reverence for the property of others, even if only intended to keep the place nice as a future hang out. Strange the adult clothes happen to be a perfect fit . . .

No one notices the bloody prison tat she now has on her arm, she’s a serious teenager in love angst, real smart move with no antibiotics.

Three black characters so far, two out of the three are evil.

Why would zombies hang out at a library? Trained troops lose to nerd zombies, sure totally believable.

What happened to the big push, over, failed, not going to happen? Cobalt = leave after humane termination of civilians. Granted these are not the people we want for breeding stock to repopulate the earth. Once the zombies finish off the remaining “food” in the city the horde will swarm the safe zones, especially if the barber opens the flood gates. Don’t know why someone couldn’t just sit at the roof hatch and shoot those things even if it took a couple of shifts.

One more episode for the season, what could go wrong?

Episode Four:

Dad is correct for once, show the video of the flashing window to the military, let them decide if anyone should risk their life checking it out. Never appear too interested in anything, accept whatever they say unless you’re an idiot looking for trouble. Suspect this won’t be the last of this nonsense.

Antibiotics are reserved for the big push, whether worthless or not against the zombie plague there are plenty of other ways to get injured cleaning out a pest hole.

Pain medicine doesn’t seem to be a problem for some like the neighbor whose IV the druggie is tapping.

Bit about the neighbor not wanting the health screening, waste of time. We only get about 40 minutes of actual show and that’s what they spent a fair chunk of time on. Too much setup time if needed for a confrontation later like the build up of the principle, wasted.

Oh well the military was lying, what a surprise. Madison sneaks out finds the military is killing everyone outside the safe zones, zombie or survivor. In a way it follows farm policy of dealing with Avian Flu, Mad Cow, H1N1, Anthrax, don’t try to separate the clearly sick from the likely possibly infected, play it safe and eliminate them all.

About this time it dawns, this family, they’re all insane and a clear and present danger to the community.

Remove people with problems before they turn or weaken the healthy to less secure quarantine zones that can be cleared or nuked if necessary. Guess the writers needed a vehicle to take us outside the quickly getting boring safe zone before the horror of part time electric wears off.

Is Ofella really a secret bad girl or just acting that way to help her mom? Does she really like her soldier boy or playing him, time will tell.

Nine days and all that’s left is the safe zones, oh my!

Episode Three:

The riot, now we know where the budget went.

The barber shop, when it hit the fan there was still no back door. Hard to imagine building codes that don’t require two exits, let alone no fire wall between shops.

Tough guy barber, the wall is getting hot, take nothing that might be helpful (money, weapons, razor), run for your lives. You go one way, we’ll go the same way. What luck your truck is intact and outside the police riot line you somehow passed through.

The dog, this show has a thing for putting animals in harm’s way. Maybe trying to connect with the segment of the audience rooting for the zombies. Ever try to win a battle of wits with an animal? No single zombie could ever catch a dog unless newly dead and still smelling exactly as its owner.

Meanwhile back home, did Sue the zombie time bomb kill herself with pills or die on her own? Why is druggie still wearing the old man clothes from the hospital. Travis is afraid of guns, that puts him somewhere behind my house cat for defending the home. Does Travis even realize he is responsible for whatever happened to Sue’s husband by protecting her from Madison?

What’s supposed to be out in the desert (a Hilton), they hardly appear to be taking more then a change of clothes.

Certainly something to be said for sheltering in place at home, at least you know what your resources are. Though the house next door with burglar bars on the windows certainly seems a lot more zombie secure come what may.

Episode Two:

It would seem the interesting preview scenes with the military and the APC out in front of the house are from some future episode and are not included in episode two.

So far it would appear everything has taken place within the first 24 hours. We’ve already lost all our original black people, how are they supposed to sacrifice themselves to save our hero family? Sure honey we think it’s wonderful you have an assless artist boyfriend who will forever be penniless. We’ll just leave him as a ticking zombie time bomb for when his parents come home, it will make for a poignant later scene. And our Obama allegory principle, what happened to the slow burn taking days to become a zombie?

Notice no one drops a dime on any of this stuff. Look the neighbor man is hurting his family, she’s gonna go out there and say something, as if. Can’t use the cell, gotta keep it open in case daddy calls. So far no computers or talk shows. Knife was worthless anyway.

Why so important to keep the kids from learning the truth? Wouldn’t they be a little less foolish if they knew what was going on? So far the show is stuck on making stupid choices. Don’t look out the window it’s too dangerous, I’ll look out the window instead. Place has no backdoor, L.A. must not have building codes or it’s a lie that will be carried into the riot next episode.

Can see why there is no Talking Dead following this bummer, they’d have little of value to discuss.

Fear the Walking Dead: Season One Episode One (Spoilers Alert)

Suspecting the horrible three minute teaser was a flash back that would appear in context later in the show or meaningless nonsense like some of the Walking Dead preview scenes such as Carl walking backwards in the face of zombies, we prepared for family TV night. Dinner done and coffee in hand we settled in for some exciting zombie action, boy were we wrong. Instead of the greatest zombie show on earth, we were served up a Cleveland Steamer.

If pictured in the manga comic novel, the church may have appeared mysteriously artisy, on screen it looked old and dirty. Set dressing might as well have been randomly emptying trash bags found on the street.

The totally unlikable lead character, at least so far, is a heron addict junkie who sees one of the first L.A. zombies, (his junkie girl friend) eating a body. There is a suggestion the drugs they scored may be responsible, though why she and not he is not addressed. He runs away, is hit by a car and taken to a hospital where not so caring mom, trying too hard step dad and casual sister come visit. As this is a world without zombies his story gets even less credence then it would have in Miami where we actually had something zombish eat a homeless guy’s face.

When the patient in the next bed goes code blue, in the confusion our hero steals the old guy’s clothes and makes his escape, acquires a cell phone and calls his pusher for assistance. This opens an interesting question, is this a hospital that doesn’t secure patient valuables or was the cell phone and necessary minutes card stolen in which case how was the phone activated?

Anyway, the pusher is arguably the nicest person on the show right up to the moment where he demonstrates possible intent to kill our hero, who suddenly possesses super human fighting powers for five seconds, then resumes channeling the old man whose clothes he stole for the remainder of the show.

If you don’t remember this, it took place after the show apparently ended at 60 minutes, when the show actually went to 90 minutes. They did not do a great job of making it clear this was going to be 90 minutes, I thought it was starting over only to realize the story was still ongoing.

Don’t get your hopes up, this all takes seemingly forever and is rather boring except for the scary music score and showing us weird things that may or may never prove important. Three zombies in 90 minutes does not pay the rent.

Let’s see now, I get the impression mom is a high school guidance councilor or teacher with too much on her mind to do her job properly. Her interaction with knife boy fails to pull off showing believable concern. Step dad is a teacher / construction worker wannabe driving a pickup when an SUV would be more practical. Step brother’s performance is so far phoned in, literally. Sister is seeing a guy with no discernible ass, likely chosen for her upcoming scream queen talents.

Best part of the show: Preview scenes for next week.


The show hasn’t started yet, so this is a prologue based on the amc first three minutes trailer online video and TV Guide review. Frankly I can’t see their teaser inducing anyone to watch as the first three minutes is dark aka black cat in a coal mine of poor production values wasting time wondering if that is a boy, girl or zombie thingie (who wears clothes like that?).

The second trailer showing off the characters is far more promising with attractive people in interesting settings going about their normal business so well it was hard to tell where the laptop commercial left off and the show segments began.

According to TV Guide (yes there is still a TV Guide magazine) Fear The Walking Dead will NOT cover the source of the plague or the search for a cure. What a shame the writers missed the opportunity to rework Warning Sign. I do hope we will be treated to some news and talk shows discussing what is happening.

In my opinion the best part of any zombie movie is the decent from all is well to the end is near. Best example is the start of Resident Evil Apocalypse where the decline into total chaos is a carefully crafted work of art. Can’t think of a better way to kick off the show compared to a first three minutes that likely is the worst three minutes.

Hope Talking Dead will follow both shows. (nope will only follow the season finale)


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