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f24When it comes to wilderness survival techniques, many beginners rely on books and videos at first, simply because they’re what’s most readily available. However, while these sources of information are quite useful, they can’t replace hands on experience. Here are a few ways an outdoor survival school can benefit you whether in the woods or when the power goes out.

What sort of things does an outdoor survival school teach? Whether you’re planning on becoming a zombie escape expert or zombie fighter¬† or you just want to learn more about hunting in the woods in your area, these courses are perfect for learning everything from navigational skills to foraging techniques. By learning to do various tasks and techniques yourself, your chances of remembering how to do it to survive and escape increase dramatically.

Keep in mind those with camping experience and equipment generally fare better during disasters then their fans of the city counterparts.

Navigational skills are an essential part of any outdoor survival school. Along with basic map reading and compass use, you’ll also learn how to mark trails, read landmarks, and even use the stars as directional tools. This can help enormously in simply keeping you from becoming turned around. This way, you’ll never have to be frightened beyond reason of exploring a new and vast forest.

Finding food is another important ability that an outdoor survival school will hone. Ideally, a good class will teach you a variety of tips on how to identify various plants mushrooms, seeds, berries, and nuts that are great for consumptions. In addition to this, you may even learn the rudimentary basics of tracking various animals for hunting. When it comes to staying well fed, however, it’s not a good idea to depend solely on what the forest provides??”at least not at first. Your class should also inform you about various long lasting meals to pack with you, including freeze dried, dehydrated, or canned foods.

Some outdoor survival school courses also include first aid. While what is learned here is hardly a substitute for what a trained paramedic can provide, you will at least know how to keep yourself or a partner stable should an injury occur. Also included are tips regarding various first aid kits and which kinds are best for your situation.

Finally, a good outdoor survival school will also teach you the importance of learning what to pack. A mark of a beginner is one who packs too much or too little. Ideally, a survivalist’s belongings are multi-purpose devices that fit easily in the pack and are easily accessible. Most food kits and first aid kits are naturally lightweight and small as well.

In conclusion we’re going to go out on a limb here and recommend NOT mentioning zombies to the survival instructor, not wearing zombie themed clothing, or talk about killing things other then legal game, until such time as the authorities admit there is a zombie outbreak (when zombies are scratching at your back door) and by then it will be too late to take courses.¬† Learning to keep your mouth shut is a valuable survival technique.


When most people go on hikes or hunting trips, they are only thinking of short term expeditions into the wilderness. However, if you want to be a true survivalist, primitive survival skills are a must for anyone planning for a long stay in the wild. Here are a few things to consider when learning more about primitive survival skills.

When it comes to pure survival, learning primitive survival skills shouldn’t be a matter of trial and error. If you’re new to long term survival tactics, it’s a good idea to consider a quality survival course, without making mention of zombies, of course.

These courses will teach you a variety of different skills, including navigational techniques, basic first aid, foraging tactics, and more. While some courses may initially be pricey, their lessons can be very beneficial indeed. Additionally, while books and videos are a great way to learn more, it’s not a good idea to replace hands on learning with these techniques. It’s one thing to read about making a fire in a book, for example. It’s something else altogether to actually do it.

Once you know some of the basics of primitive survival skills, it’s a good idea to consider what you will bring with you. Even the most spartan of hardcore survivalists have first aid kits, for example, as well as stores of food, a good multivitamin with minerals to avoid deficiency related diseases and basic navigational tools. Whether you plan on a lengthy stay in the wilderness or you just want to be extra thorough in preparing for anything, packing the right supplies is one of the most important primitive survival skills. While, for some, packing as little as possible may be a matter of pride, it’s still a good idea to think ahead and plan accordingly for the unexpected as well.

What sort of supplies will you need to accomplish primitive survival skills? As mentioned, a good first aid kit is essential for any outdoor trip. The most basic kits contain a supply of bandages and some disinfectant, while more complex ones contain a variety of devices, including tourniquets, splints, wound irrigation systems, and more. Most first aid kits are crafted in such a way as to easily fit in your pack, however. Learn about primitive survival skills such as how to properly cauterize a wound. Learn your knots in case you need to stitch a wound, free report. Basic Knot Tying

Food is another issue. While some survivalists like to hunt and forage for their food, it never hurts to have emergency supplies. These include dehydrated, freeze dried, canned, and vacuumed sealed meals. While there is something to be said for having fresh meat and vegetables from the forest around you, it’s not a good idea to depend solely on this, especially if you’re just starting out as they may be loaded with parasites.

Finally, no matter how many zombie fighters prefer using their own wits and skills for navigational purposes, it’s just plain silly to go out into the wilderness without at least a compass, maps, weapons and emergency flares. At the very least, you’ll have these to fall back on if you find yourself completely lost. While learning how to mark trails, read the stars and identify landmarks is all well and good, you shouldn’t invite attack by attempting primitive survival skills while under equipped.

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