Zombie Survival Kits Can Get You Killed

f20Prepping can get you killed. Even in quiet times, learning you’re a prepper can set neighbors on edge. Anything goes bang in the night, they will be quick to point you out to authorities as the crazy gun rights nut in the neighborhood. Some Police love to get into such homes to verify registrations and seize weapons for public safety. Oh you’ll get them back, someday, maybe.

Some would argue we’re already in a post Constitution, post 4th Amendment zombie nation. A “We the Sheeple” United Police States of America, ruled by whores, commies and creepy ass crackers, propped up by wolves in military s.w.a.t. regalia.

Here is one way the future might play out . . .

We never know when a perfectly normal day will be our last normal day.

We’re awakened by the sounds of neighbors yelling and slamming car doors.

The media has nothing but state of emergency broadcasts. It’s the apocalypse you’ve been prepping for! Those zombies the government has been denying the existence of, are very real, with an insatiable gut munching appetite for human flesh. More to the point, a horde of the living dead is rapidly chewing its way through the city toward you and yours.

Button up, or run?

No time to fort up, gotta go, now! Shove the bug-out-bags and family into the danger wagon.  Head for the cabin in the woods.

Turning onto the highway, take a moment to reflect on the horrible fate that will surely befall those electing to remain in Raccoon city.

On the highway we’re moving so slow the walking dead will have little trouble catching up, and now traffic has jammed likely due to stalled cars up ahead.

Looking around for the first time, the surrounding vehicles do not look like they’re going to offer much support. Most occupants look scared, anxious, like they’re coming down with a case of the crazies.

Suddenly someone yells, “They’re coming!”  Sounds of gunfire erupt, the smell of smoke tells us it’s time to bail outta Dodge (Voyager).

Now here’s where it gets dicey.  Among the crowd are civilian zombie fodder some already infected, police who will soon be out of work and all sorts of resident evil criminals, gang bangers, people who stole the car they’re in, took weapons from downed troopers, etc.

What do they see when they look at you in your fancy survival duds?  That heavy military looking pack full of survival goodness.

Can you hear the cha-ching?

They’re thinking they have to survive no matter what.  No Mister Nice Guy.  You have exactly what they need and they can have it all for the price of a bullet.

Ok, you’re armed, and they can gang up, surround, use your family as hostages just by aiming at them.  Now what?

Let’s step back a bit and see what you might have done different.

What if instead you were wearing street clothes designed kevlar body armor and that military looking pack was pink with a big picture of a famous cartoon cat or mouse?

Even gang bangers can crunch those numbers.  Military survival kit versus pink pack probably full of coloring books, diapers and sipping cups.  Of course later, when safer, that pink cover can come off. Thanks cartoon cat or mouse, you saved our lives!

72 Hour Emergency Kit Checklist

* Completed Family Emergency Plan PDF
* Backpack for items
* Portable, hand crank radio
* Hand-crank flashlight
* Batteries
* Glow sticks
* Waterproof matches
* Three gallons of water per person
* Manual can opener
* Mess kit or disposable cups, utensils, and plates
* Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, resealable bags
* Small container of plain bleach (no scent or additives)
* Toilet paper
* Soap
* Shampoo
* Hand sanitizer
* Small detergent
* Feminine hygiene items
* Toothpaste/toothbrush
* Lip balm
* Deodorant
* Sunscreen
* Baby wipes
* 10 gallon bucket
* Large, thick trash bags
* Sleeping bag
* Complete change of clothes
o Sturdy boots
o Socks
o Rain gear – coat or poncho
o Hat and gloves
o Thermal underwear (cold climates)
o Sunglasses
o Dust and disease prevention masks
o Extra layers for adjusting to temperature
* Small tent
* Small shovel
* Compass
* Duct tape
* Scissors
* Small sewing kit
* Plastic sheeting to seal off windows and doors in a room of your home
* Prescription medications
* Over the counter medications
* Whistle
* Emergency poncho
* Emergency blanket
* Extra keys for home and vehicles
* Baby items (diapers, formula, food, bottles, wipes)
* Items for seniors or those with disabilities
* 3 day supply of food (choose based on your preference)
* Gel fuel for heating food (if needed)
* Comfort items – coloring books, crayons, playing cards, travel games, paper and pen
* First Aid Kit
o Alcohol swabs
o Safety pins
o Adhesive bandages
o Elastic bandage
o Antibiotic ointment
o Hydrocortisone ointment
o Instant hot and cold pakcs
o Medical tape
o Water purification tablets
o Petroleum jelly
o Triangle bandages
o Scissors
o Tweezers
o Nail clippers
o Cotton balls
o Children’s medications (if applicable)
o Medical history
o Disposable gloves
o First aid instruction book
* Pet supplies
o Food and water
o Bowls
o Leash/harness
o Kennel or carrier
o Bedding
o Litter box and litter (cats only)
o Pet medications
o Coats for cold and wet weather
o Comfort items – catnip, toys, etc.
* Important documents (copies in a water tight container)
o Inventory of home
o Copies of insurance policies
o Copy of will
o Property deeds
o Tax returns
o Vehicle titles/registrations
o Investments
o Credit card and bank account numbers
o Driver’s license
o Social security card
o Birth and marriage certificates
o Passport
o Business documents on portable drive
* Cash
* Items for bartering
o Tobacco/cigarettes
o Coffee
o Chocolate
o Gold and silver
o Ammunition/medical supplies
* Photos of family members/pets for identification

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