Zombie Survival Tool

dt6When it comes to playing it safe from zombies in the wilderness, your best survival tool would have to be preparation. In the long run, knowing the perfect way to track the creatures, move silently, and forage for food may help you, but not so much as having the right supplies with you at all times. Here are a few ways having the right kits with you can do wonders for improving your camping trip, hiking trip, or zombie hunting expedition.

Weapons are part of best preparation practice for dealing with all nature of critters that bite and won’t back off. Throwing knives, survival knife, sword if you can handle it. A high quality light and heavy pistol should be carried along with as good a hunting or tactical rifle as the law allows with permits and such as necessary where civilization remains in charge until no longer necessary to do so due to the zombie apocalypse don’tcha know.

Tools would include dual purpose knives, hatchet, folding camp shovel, short length of rope for dragging, parachute cord bracelet, survival saw and whatever the surrounding form of nature suggests.

Food is a common issue when it comes to roughing it in the wilderness. Oftentimes inexperienced campers either end up packing too much to too little. However, by investing in various canned, dehydrated, and freeze dried meals, you can have plenty of food without taking up too much space. Another advantage to these meals is that they take minimal preparation and have a naturally lengthy shelf life, making them ideal for longer trips. For shorter trips, foods such as jerky, dried fruit, trail mix, and granola are all good snacks to carry. Be sure to have extra water with you on all times as well. Should you decide to forage for greens, berries, or mushrooms, be sure to consult a field guide before making any big decisions. Caution is one of the most important survival tool skills, after all, and it wouldn’t do to accidentally ingest anything poisonous.

Knowing how to use a survival tool first aid kit is also an important survival tool. Whether you’re planning a short zombie sweep or a lengthy zombie hunting expedition, it’s essential that you have at least a basic kit on hand. After all, it only takes one slip up to result in a nasty burn, a sprained ankle, or a broken leg. Basic first aid kits often include bandages, disinfectant, antibiotics, and painkillers among other supplies. Larger kits may also have sewing needles, splints, rash creams, vitamin supplements, and other supplies. If you have any medication, be sure to bring a few extra day’s worth of dosages with you in case you need them.

Finally, it’s a good idea to bring a few precautionary devices with you that will be useful in the event that you get lost. The point of this survival tool kit isn’t just to help you avoid zombie infested civilization, but also to help others reach you in the event of an emergency. Some basic tools for this kit includes compasses, GPS navigators, flashlights, and emergency flares, secondary emergency weapons. Some GPS devices also come with emergency buttons that allow you to alert authorities of an emergency. Take the time to learn more about the importance of a survival grab and go bug out bag today.

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