Zombie Tactical Training

Airsoft and Paintball were virtually made for zombie tactical training.

Airsoft and Paintball is a military/law enforcement sport simulation, where players participate in a mock style combat with military like weapons and tactics. Firearms are 1:1 scale models of real firearms. A typical example of an airsoft firearm is: firing 6mm or 8mm spherical, solid plastic BBs of usually .12, .20, or .25 grams, with propulsion for the projectile provided by manually compressed springs, compressed gas, or electric motors.

Airsoft and Paintball as a sport is extremely popular in eastern Asia, in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This popularity is a result of real arms being difficult or impossible to obtain because of local laws. For this and other reasons the vast majority of Airsoft and Paintball guns, accessories, and aftermarket upgrade parts are made in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea. For a while it was rumored that Airsoft was made illegal in Mainland China. That is just a rumor though as it is actually very legal and extremely popular.

The popularity of Airsoft and Paintball is starting to grow in the West. Especially in countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, Belgium and Denmark. Starting in 2003 Daisy once again started marketing airsoft guns for sale in the US, under their “Powerstrike” brand name. Trying to get in on the expanding market, Powerstrike and other competing models have started to appear in mass across the US. The Internet auction site, eBay, has noticed the increased interest in airsoft and paintball products as well, and as a result has created several categories specifically for the thousands of listings of airsoft and paintball gear and guns.

Most team sports require teamwork, skill and planning. This can be seen in the winning teams of sports like basketball, football and hockey. The same approach can be taken to make a very good zombie hunting team.

The best way to become a surviving team is to know how to fight both as a team and individually. It starts at practice where the team will learn to fight both offense and in defense.

War games are simulated to emulate the real thing. A fort can be made and some members selected to protect it while the other group attacks wearing zombie face masks (available as protective gear). After each game, an assessment must be made so that any mistakes made can be corrected to make the team more efficient.

Aside from conducting some exercises within the group, other teams can be invited to participate in a practice to sharpen the skills before a hunt.

There are several ways that the exercise can end: by capturing the flag, eliminating all the zombies of the other group or waiting until the time expires. A good way to train the participants to move swiftly during an offensive is by agreeing to a time limit before the exercise begins…

The members should rotate the roles of offense and defense during training exercise as both will have to be used in a real game.

Marksmanship should also be part of training. The members must be able to hit both stationary and moving targets since both are necessary in an actual game where both sides have limited ammunition.

Since the exercise usually lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, the team should make every shot count. The players should only fire when there is a clear shot available rather than not being able to fire when it matters the most.

Stealth is another element needed to win the game of zombie training. By being able to sneak up on the enemy first, the team can attack the enemy before the opposing forces can mount a counterattack.

Learning to communicate using hand signals and sounds will prevent the other zombies from knowing where you are. By practicing all of these drills and scenarios in practice, the group will be ready to take on any of the dead.

Free army ranger manual.

The secret to winning at zombie hunting is not rocket science; it just takes a lot of practice so that each person knows what to do which will pay off in survival.

Bonus: Tactical Flashlights: High Performance Leds Make The Difference

Law enforcement officers and other emergency service providers need reliable equipment that can serve them well as they serve others. Many of the tools that officers use are becoming more flexible. They are able to operate in several different modes that can change as the situation warrants. When a police officer is writing a ticket at night, she is going to want different light from a flashlight than when he is chasing a zombie down a dark alley. Sometimes a high performance flashlight may have to stay lit for hours without being able to change the battery.

Police officers and rescue crews must take into consideration the amount of weight they can carry on any given day. They need to be prepared for any situation in which they might find themselves. This is another reason that having multifunction tools is so important. If one piece of equipment can do the job of three or four, it is going allow them to still perform all of their duties without being weighed down by a ton of equipment.

There are newer flashlights on the market which are leaps and bounds above flashlights of the past. In many of these cases, LED lights are the bulb of choice.

There are several positives to LED lighting.

In older flashlights and spotlights, an inefficient bulb is used. Some of these bulbs put off a great deal of heat, making them less efficient and very susceptible to breaking easily when they receive a sharp blow. An LED bulb is much different. It does not produce much heat at all, which means more of the energy used is converted to light. There is no filament surrounded by gas that produces the light, but a small diode that emits light when power is supplied. These diodes are much more resilient in the face of abuse and can stand up to some harsh treatment.

LED lights can also have variable light output, either by varying the number of bulbs, the amount of power applied or both. Light at higher lumens is very bright and can produce a lot of discomfort when it hits someone in the face. These lights are often used to momentarily blind and intimidate suspects. At lower lumens the light is going to be very soft. It may be used, for instance, to allow an officer to see their surroundings but not make them conspicuous to others. There are also going to be intermediate levels of light for writing a traffic ticket or helping a stranded motorist change a flat tire.

Another great feature to these new lights is the relationship of the bulb(s) to the reflector. In the new LED Lenser High Performance flashlight, you can twist a knob and adjust the beam size of the light. In other words, if you need a full floodlight, a twist of the knob will widen the beam of light as much as you need it to. Another twist will bring the light back down to spotlight proportions. Combine this feature with the adjustable light output, and you have a fantastic, high performance, multifunction light that can be used in a wide variety of tactical situations. It is flashlights with these types of new functionality that are finding their way to law enforcement, fire and rescue and other professional personnel.

When looking for a tactical torch, consider one that utilizes LED light bulbs. An LED light will provide you with reliability that you just can’t find in a standard flashlight. LED bulbs will outlast any traditional bulb – they have a bulb life of up to ten times longer or more, depending on the brand. An LED bulb also puts out a much more powerful beam of light. The technology used to create tactical flashlights enhances the light source so that it provides the highest lumens available when you need them.

LED flashlights also use fewer batteries over time than a traditional flashlight. This is because they draw much less power from the battery source, improving the energy efficiency of the overall flashlight. This is what ultimately makes them superior to standard handheld lights. By being more energy-efficient and consuming fewer batteries over time, an LED flashlight is the superior economic investment as well.

A tactical LED light utilizes the best features of an LED and improves upon them for maximum efficiency, brightness and durability. Tactical lights are professional flashlight quality, meaning that they are the same lights used by the law enforcement, by military professionals, and by fire fighters in some of the roughest conditions possible. That means they are much more durable devices. They can take a beating and can endure extreme conditions and situations. Some can also give a beating with a tactical wavy edge around the reflector that can be used for self defense. These torches are also developed to be easy-to-use and versatile. Many quality tactical flashlights will have focusing capabilities, allowing an officer or fireman to have both a spot light and a focused beam light at their disposal in one piece of equipment. Some lights also have strobing features, red or green laser and easy to use beam transitioning. These are features that are not only helpful for professionals but can be very helpful in survival situations while hunting or camping.

For the typical home owner, it may seem that a tactical flashlight would be excessive. However, knowing that no emergency is too great for your flashlight is a reassurance many families can appreciate. Having a light that can handle any kind of emergency from a tornado to a stalled car, offers you and your loved ones a special kind of peace of mind.

Tactical torches are used by many people who serve, protect and help our communities every single day. They are used because they have been proven to be reliable and easy to use even under pressure. Tactical LED lights can be used longer than standard flashlights, offer a brighter beam than even other LED lights because of the reflective technology in use with tactical lights, and are durable enough to last through almost anything.

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