Zombie Desert Survival


Whether the zombies have chased you out onto the desert. Are on an epic zombie hunting trip and got lost in the desert. Or you just want to experience the lower zombie population of the desert. It’s perfectly possible to do so without risking excessive personal harm. It’s simply a matter of being prepared. Here are a few tips on how you can survive in one of the world’s most demanding of settings.

Like the wilderness has its own zombie survival tips, the desert does also. Although a deserts survival tactics are a bit different from your normal wilderness survival tips, they still require you to have the same resources, food, water, and shelter. You might think that a desert escape is almost a zombie free zone. A chance to catch your breath, (breathe out breathe in) and it is, that is of course unless you get lost in the blistering hot and dehydrating desert. Here are a few tips to go by the next time you find yourself on a desert, just in case the worst case scenario plays out and you become lost or stuck waiting out zombies or are forced to cross to the other side to escape the creatures.

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When it comes to desert survival, having enough ammo, food and water is typically the first concerns on any zombie survivor’s mind. However, it’s not impossible to keep a significant amount of ammo, food and water on your person without overburdening yourself. This is especially important in a setting where foraging is practically impossible. However, with various freeze dried, dehydrated, and vacuum sealed foods available, you can carry several week’s worth of food in your pack without exhausting yourself. Ammo, hundreds of 22LR rounds can stay clean and dry in a 12oz. soda bottle. As for water, it’s a simple matter to carry a durable gallon jug or canteens of water with you.  Secure a map of known water sources and landmarks before venturing onto the desert unless eluding capture, even so you should have been ready with a grab-n-go bug-out-bag.

First and foremost you will need to exterminate any zombies that followed you out onto the desert, before securing a shelter for yourself. Make double tap sure they are properly destroyed so your camp isn’t overrun by crawlers during the night.

For a desert atmosphere the most common types of shelters to create are a sandwich shelter or a lean-a-to shelter. These types of shelters are very easy to build and can protect you from the blistering sun and sand filled wind that can create awful sand burn. You want to make sure that you start creating your shelter when the sun starts to go down because of the levels of temperature your body will be placed in. You want to make sure that your body stays hydrated and cramming yourself into a shelter for long periods of time during the hottest part of the day from dawn to dusk will only lead to a substantial amount of dehydration.

You can use many things to create your shelter such as blankets, cords, rope, and even ponchos and with luck all of these items were placed in your survival kit before going on your desert adventure.

It is very important to create a shelter for yourself before darkness falls, because there are many different animals besides zombies that lurk in the desert and having an adequately built shelter like one of those emergency popup tents and emergency blankets can help prevent these critters from bothering you or harming you and your supplies.

The desert can be endless and you want to make sure that you still keep in contact with your campsite at all times. Most commonly when rescuers are trying to find people they will find the campsite and in turn find the missing person. So make sure that even if you venture off trying to find your way back that you provide yourself with the right landmarks or markings or rock piles in the sand to distinguish exactly where you are. There is nothing worse than being lost and getting even more lost.

First aid kits are also important for desert survival. When you have the risks of heat stroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and other conditions on top of the usual risks of injury and bites. When it comes to a quality first aid kit, it’s important not to skimp in these matters.

Typical desert survival kits include bandages, disinfectant, pain killers, cooling aloe cream, and other supplies. It’s also a good idea to keep a guide of different flora and fauna in your area as well. This is useful for identifying various species of venomous snakes and scorpions as well as different edible plants and insects.

While first aid kits aren’t typically a good substitute for actual paramedic help, they’re nevertheless a good way to keep yourself or any traveling partners stable until help arrives when available. In some particularly severe situations, having the right equipment available can be potentially life saving.  Something as simple as a damp rolled towel around the neck can help keep you cool and ward off bites.

It is so very important to have a water source available in a desert atmosphere if you are lost or stranded. Because it is so hot in the desert, your body is more easily dehydrated than you would be in a wilderness atmosphere. It is also harder to find a water source in the midst of the desert, which is why most survivalists will create their very own water filter system to create water without the use of a stream, river, or any other body of water.

The only materials that you need is a plastic sheet and a container to catch the water, this method is most commonly called the solar still water method. The first thing you want to do is dig a hole in the soil with the container in the center and then place the plastic over the hole held down by rocks with a small rock over where the container sits to create a collection dripping point. The sun will then hit the plastic and create an evaporation of water from the soil, leaving you with a condensed form of water on the inside of your plastic to drip into the container.

Another option is by consuming water through the help of cacti. Many deserts are filled with cacti and can easily be punctured and opened to give you a water supply. So if you are finding it hard to find plastic to create the solar still method, then start searching for cacti to provide you with water to rehydrate your body. Free Report: Body Dehydration / Rehydration

Even though the desert is smoldering hot, you still need a fire source to cook food and heed off other predator animals. Make sure that you create a fire somewhere very close to your campsite so that you can still use the fire source as a protection mechanism. Making sure that you have a trusty set of waterproof matches or a lighter can help you create a fire in a hurry, although it can be a difficult task finding wood in the desert it is still possible.

Many zombie survivalists hunting or escaping in vehicles opt in to bringing along a portable grill because of the scarcity of finding wood in the desert. So when packing up their survival gear for the desert consider taking along a handy portable grill also… just in case.

Unfortunately there is no way to detect dried leather zombies under the desert sand like trap door sand spiders waiting for prey to drop in. Heavy boots are recommended along with kevlar armor clothing available on amazon, ebay and other fashionable zombie hunter outlets.

We do opine zombies not previously adapted to desert life will dry up and be unable to continue their zombie existence. One can only hope escaping onto the desert to evade hungry zombies will prove harder on them then you.

Finally, the key to desert survival would have to be your navigational equipment. These include everything from simple devices like tactical torch LED flashlights, maps, and compasses to more complex equipment, such as emergency flares (some kinds may be used for starting fires and defense) and GPS receivers for as long as sky net remains intact. The latter is important in that not only can it help you learn your exact location, but you can also try and alert any interested existing authorities if needed.

Although survival in the desert is a bit different than the virtual desert of a wilderness pine forest you still have to make sure that you have the common necessities to ensure that you survive such as water, food, and shelter. So the next time you decide it’s time to go out onto a desert or take a desert highway, make sure that you fill your survival kit with tools that you may need as well as water and food sources in case you can’t find any if you become lost.

These are only a few things to consider when researching desert zombie survival techniques. Fortunately, finding the right equipment is a simple matter; there are thousands of essential kits for sale online as well as at your favorite local wilderness gear shop.


When the dead walk, the time may come to leave the mainland for the security of a biter free island. To get there will require a boat. You will have to sort out the best method to acquire a boat, be it a sail boat or a motor-powered boat. Buy, steal, trade, whatever it takes.

Try and select a boat you can live on for as long as necessary, one with sides high enough all around to offer protection from water zombies. Motorized sail goes a long way toward not running completely out of fuel and drifting into the arms of the walking dead

Inspection of the boat is perhaps the first step for small boat safety. You have to check the boat for any leaks, abnormalities on the exterior and interior of a boat that could rupture into catastrophic failure, and the condition of the motor. Regular inspection and maintenance are important if you intend to use the boat to eventually leave the island. It is also for your survival and for the safety of the person or persons going with you.

Before heading out to sea, you will want to check if the automated weather advisory for possible weather change in your area is still available and for the area where you want to travel in. Raining on the water is a more potential hazard than raining on land. Lightning strikes and drowning are a few risks that can be experienced while boating. The likelihood for experiencing these unwanted circumstances could be worse when it rains.

There may be times when things come unexpectedly like water zombies up the anchor chain if you don’t have a wharf rat guard. Thus, it would be important to be prepared and to prepare things that can help you survive when boating in a harsh weather condition. Items such as axe, hatchet, fishing equipment, guns, knives, life jacket or PFD, oars, bucket, rope, blanket, first aid kit, flare gun, garbage bags, solar stove, mirror and shiny objects can be brought along for small boat safety. These are things that can help you survive when unexpected things occur while boating. The PFD is the most important as it can help individuals survive in the water when the boat flipped or sunk. Blanket can help you from hypothermia. First aid kit is a must-have.

Bringing along with VHF radio and EPIRB or Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon can greatly help. They are communication devices that can help individuals stranded on the water to survive and be rescued.

Risks normally come in this kind of activity. It would be important to have a boating plan or a float plan everyone understands before the emergency. Learning small boat safety before zombies attack could also greatly help.


Do some research to locate a potentially livable island that can support animal life without a known human population far enough away from other islands you won’t have unwanted visitors.

When zombies have you stuck on an island, you definitely have two choices to make, whether you will stay cast away or be a survivor like Robinson Crusoe, it’s as primitive as can be (OK think Gilligan’s Island with zombies). You will most likely choose the second option professor. But definitely your top concern when stuck in an island is to survive. So, in order to prepare for the worst case scenario, here is your island survival prep.

There are basically three reasons why people can get stranded in an island. First is through air plane crash, the second is ship wreck and the third is forced to flee there. Either way, you should know how to stay alive on the island where there is little safe water to drink, no cellular phone signal, no proper shelter, no medicine, no anything that didn’t arrive with you. The island will seem to be nothing but a piece of land in the midst of oceans; fortunately, you can make do with anything that is in the island as long as you know have a good island survival guide. The first thing you need to is to move away from any wreckage and get to the island as quickly as possible at dawns early light after a water perimeter patrol. If you have a serviceable craft, make it very secure to an immovable object before doing anything else. Don’t just beach it (drag it onto the sand) only to find it gone when the tide comes in.

Take the effort to make the boat unattractive from a distance, paint a large black jagged hole on the side. Cover with camouflage netting, brush, etc. otherwise it’s a sign, “FREE BOAT”.

Look for a river or sheltered outlet where you can park/hide the boat from a water view.

Panicking will not do you any good, so stay frosty, be focused. Grab anything that you think you can use like clothing, blankets, food, tools, plastics, but bring only needful things that your craft or your body can carry safely. Once you get to the island make sure it is free and clear of the walking dead, build a shelter for you and your companion(s) to stay under. As part of this island survival guide, shelter is basically the most important thing next to food and no zombies. You can make a thatched shelter out of leaves from palm trees. It is impossible to rest or sleep in rain, do not put off making minimal first shelter. You may also use some spare sail cloth from the boat as a make shift roof. While you and your companions are exhausted, you may find temporary refuge under the trees.

Avoid being dragged off in the middle of the night. Do make a concentrated search and destroy for zombies. Try to find shelter such as a cave that can be both hidden and blocked off.

The next thing you will need by now is to find a water source. This island survival portion will focus on the important of water since it is essential to the survival of humans. It is said that humans can live for three weeks without food, but they can’t without water. But where will you find water?

You can often find water in shelters and natural dips. Also, a good indication of the presence of water is the mildews on huge leaves. Any river stream creek or artisan well spring is also a good source of water, although the risks of getting stomach aches are high. But it is better though to live with temporary gastroenteritis than die of thirst. Just remember this, bring water purification tablets because water is essential to human life, you can go on without food for weeks, but not without water.

Food is what you can find, hunt, fish, supplemented by whatever food and vitamins you brought along. Do not ignore vitamins, a couple of big jars of Alive or Spectro multi vitamins taking one a day or even every other day will make a huge difference in your long term survival and energy levels to get as much out of your primitive diet to make your island stay as pleasant as possible.

With islands the question of water zombies comes up again and again, do they exist, can they survive under water long enough to find their own sort of haven on whatever dry land they reach. It really depends on the nature of the outbreak. A more realistic rage or rabies virus infection would indicate a no, you are safe on a zombie free or cleared island. Movie zombies, not so much.

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