Zombie Wilderness Survival Knife

dt7When it comes to acquiring the right survival gear, the first item many zombie fighters think of would have to be a good wilderness survival knife. However, with so many on the market today, picking out the right one for you can be a tricky process. Here are a few tips to consider when browsing for survival knives.

Now when we talk about a survival knife, we’re not excluding the need for other knifes for various emergencies, animal, human, zombie. A couple of throwing knives, boot knife, leg sheath, the one you pull out when they think you’re empty.

A wilderness survival knife is a great tool for many reasons. Along with clearing plants, cutting cloth, and making kindling, it’s also great for opening cans, preparing food, and more. Contrary to popular belief, however, bigger is not always better. Ideally, your wilderness survival knife should be just as easy to pack as the rest of your survival gear. This means that it should be working size, lightweight, easily accessible, and, most importantly, easy to use.

Larger knives may look impressive, but you run a larger risk of hurting yourself with a bigger blade, especially in the event of an emergency.

What makes a good wilderness survival knife? A mark of good craftsmanship includes a strong blade that has what is referred to as a narrow tang. This means that, rather than simply attaching a blade to a handle, the blade tapers to a narrow point. The handle is then affixed to this narrow point, thus increasing its overall durability. Knives made the former way tend to break much easier. When you see a “survival knife” for sale with a hollow handle filled with a few cheap emergency items like matches and fish hooks, you know the tang only goes an inch into the handle, it will likely snap off in a zombie’s skull.

Of similar concern are knives with saw teeth on top. While this type of knife can be useful in clearing brush for a campsite or hunting blind, there is a serious risk that once plunged into a zombie skull you won’t be able to pull it out again or not in time for the next zombie rushing in.

The debate regarding smooth blades versus serrated blades is a varied one. Some prefer smooth blades due to the fact that they’re easy to sharpen. They’re also more versatile than serrated blades in that they can perform delicate work such as carving or cutting smaller objects. Serrated blades, on the other hand, are better for rougher work, such as cutting bandages or sawing through tough, fibrous substances such as leather zombies. In the long run, it all depends on what type of zombie the outbreak produces to do battle with your wilderness survival knife.

11 in 1 multi-tools emergency survival camping military credit card knife is a credit card size steel plate with numerous cutouts such as common nut sizes for a bike, bottle opener, etc. among which is a small two inch (aprox.) blade edge on one side. At best you may be able to saw through nylon zip tie handcuffs, if you have the time.

Wilderness survival knife maintenance is fairly simple. Depending on the material, you may need to apply a rust resistant substance to the blade. Performing regular sharpening is a must for any survivalist. Using a dull blade, after all, creates a much bigger risk of injury. Again, the frequency in which you sharpen your knife depends on its material. Stainless steel tends to require more sharpening, while carbon steel requires more rust treatment.

To sharpen a smooth blade you will need a wet oil stone, a small one for pack along, larger for hone. Sharpen the blade along the length at the same angle all along. Be careful not to cut yourself, consider gloves. A razor edge will be turned by bone, sharp not too sharp.

In the long run, your wilderness survival knife can do wonders for making land of the dead expeditions, zombie hunting trips, and other excursions run much more smoothly. In the event of an emergency, a good knife can mean the difference between a bad situation and a worse situation.

Include A Survival Saw

A survival saw is a short length of carbide encrusted wire cable between two ring handles. It will saw through most anything.

Whether you’re escaping the city plague zone on a camping trip, a hiking trip, or a zombie hunting expedition, a survival saw is the perfect multipurpose tool. The sheer range of abilities this small, portable device has can benefit you in many different ways. Here are a few ways a survival saw can enhance your outdoors experience.

What does a survival saw do? It is perfect for cutting everything from saplings to thick tree branches. This makes it ideal for doing everything from making trails to cutting wood for kindling. This makes it ideal for practically any outdoor activity. Best of all, a survival saw is perfect for carrying in a pocket or fanny pack; they’re often small enough that they’ll fit in easily with the rest of your supplies.

A survival saw is the sort of device where you don’t quite realize just how valuable it is until you have one. Once you acquire one, you’ll find yourself using it for a variety of different reasons. For example, if you hike regularly through parts of the forest that aren’t located on a path, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of trying to fight your way through the undergrowth. With a survival saw, you can clear a path for yourself easily (though consideration should be taken not to clear a path of least resistance for zombies to follow you). This is particularly useful if you plan on using the same path several times. Similarly, you can also use it for the same reason while on a camping trip. Not only will this allow you to reach other areas of the forest easily, but it will be a significant help when it comes to finding your way back to the campsite.

Using a survival saw requires very little effort. Simply grasp each end in both hands and pull it back and forth across the limb until the saw has cut through. When compared to using conventional handsaws, it’s easy to see why a survival saw is a fast, easy way to cut everything from firewood to building small shelters.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why a survival saw is the perfect device to bring on any trip outdoors. Whether you’re using it simply for the convenience of building a fire during your camping trip or you end up using it to create signal fires should you become stranded in the wilderness, this small, lightweight, portable saw is perfect for making life in the zombie zones a little easier.

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